#016 - Scott Kellum

With Samantha and Miriam

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Scott is a Typography powerhouse with a heaps of experience with fluid web typography. He also works a lot with design systems and playing with new CSS techniques. He’s from Arlington, Virginia.

Andy: Let’s do the important intro first. What pet(s) have you brought along with you today?

Scott: Hey Andy!

I live with two wonderful cats who were rescued in West Virginia, Samantha (Sam) and Miriam (Miri). Sam is the black and white cow cat, while Miri is a tortoiseshell. While they are sisters they couldn’t be more different in personality. Miriam always wants attention and scruffles and scratches. She’s an explorer and will burrow in the back of the couch or in a blanket.

Samantha, on the other hand, keeps to herself. She enjoys lounging in front of the window and taunting dogs as they go past on their morning walks. Sam acts as if she couldn’t be bothered by anything but then, usually at 3AM, she will suddenly decide to be the sweetest and most affectionate little cuddle bug.

They don’t always get along but look at how sweet they can be!

Two cats lie on a bed together. Once cat looks like a crescent moon
Sam and Mirium living their best lives

Andy: Oh my, these two are beautiful!! Both have very...um...human names...

Now, let me prefix this question by saying I love human names for pets (my first cat was called Brian), but how the heck did you land on these particular ones?!?

Scott: Thank you! And Brian is a great name 😄

I wanted to take my time to really get their names right. I would try different names out to see how they fit their personalities as I got to know them. Samantha’s name came to me within a day or two. But Miriam, she was hard to pin down, but I finally settled on the purrfect name within the first week. I get a lot of comments on their names. When I took them to the vet the person at the front desk exclaimed “Your cats have old lady names!”.

Miriam lies on her back, showing her belly
Miriam, looking for some belly scritches

Andy: I imagine vets have heard all sorts of incredibly human, old lady names.

Tell me more about the cats; do they get along with each other?

Scott: Sometimes they get along. They will sit in the window together watching birds and squirrels. On rare occasions Sam will groom Miriam, but Miriam wants to play with Sam all the time. This desire for play time and attention isn’t usually mutual unfortunately. But they love each other, and any confrontation is a misunderstanding of boundaries and intent. But I guess that sums up any confrontation 😅

They are such good and happy cats. They love to hang out with my partner and I.

Samantha relaxing on a comfy chair
Samanth, relaxing and deep in thought

Andy: It sounds like a very good cat relationship that they’ve got going on there. My two cats are sisters and unfortunately don’t get along very well with each other at all. I’m very often found yelling “LADIES” at them to break up their little scraps. Very rarely though, I’ll catch them having a cuddle and it never fails to melt my heart.

So let’s talk more about you, Scott. What do you do on the web and what makes you tick?

Scott: Currently, I’m working on a platform for typography called Typetura. It’s exciting how young of a design medium the web is and how much room there is to explore and evolve. Big shifts can happen like Ethan Marcotte’s responsive web design, Jen Simmons’ intrinsic web design, and Mary Lou with dynamic animated interfaces. It will be a long time until things settle down.

Typography is the area I see that needs to be pushed on the web. There are wonderful tools and techniques to make layouts more fluid across screen sizes but there hasn’t been as much advancement in typography tools and techniques.

The tech behind Typetura allows for fluid typesetting that works not just with viewport width, but with element width, as well as supporting variable fonts and any transitionable CSS property by leveraging native CSS keyframes. I think I started really going down this road after working as a typeface designer at Darden Studio. I’ve always been interested in the intersection of design and technology, but that job really focused me on typography.

Andy: The work you do with Typetura is fascinating. I’ll make our readers aware if a ShopTalk Show episode where you explained it really well.

What can we look forward to from you in the future?

Scott: Thanks Andy! I appreciate the kind words. My main focus is Typetura at the moment. We’ll be rolling out pre-packaged typographic systems soon and I hope things take off so I can continue this work. I firmly believe fluid typesetting is the future of the web but I need to get others excited about it as well.

Andy: Well, Scott, you’ll always have a fan of your work here. I’m really into web typography, so Typetura is right up my street.

I think we’ve got what we need for this one, so let’s wrap up. How can people find you on the web and support the work that you do?

Scott: Thanks for having me Andy! It’s been wonderful sharing my cats with you. You can follow me on Twitter @scottkellum, Mastodon @scott@kellum.me, and Instagram @scott_kellum. You can follow Samantha and Miriam on Instagram @samandmiri.

To support my work, you can tell all your friends about Typetura and buy packages when they are launched.