#007 - Alex Carpenter

With Frankie

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Alex is a Senior Developer for Mighty in the Midwest, based out in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He's a fan of progressive enhancement with modular CSS and unobtrusive JavaScript.

Andy: Let’s do the important intro first. What pet have you brought along with you today?

Alex: Hey Andy! Frankie is a 4 month old, Long Haired Chocolate Dapple Dachshund that me and my wife picked up in Tennessee earlier this summer. Like most Dachshunds, she tends to run the show around are home now.

A long haired chocolate dapple dachshund is greated by a person with a sunset background
A little pupper in the sunset

Andy: Holy moly, that is an adorable dog! Don’t tell any of the other dogs that have featured here, but I think I’d get a Dachshund of some sort if I were to get a dog. I don’t think my cats would approve regardless of the breed though!

Alex: This is not, last year we had to put down our first pet together Bongo. The hardest thing we’ve ever had to do. She was a Border Collie that was a huge part of our whole family. So much so that she stood up in our wedding along side our brides maids.

A border collie dog sits between bridesmaid’s legs
Bongo being good as heck wedding dog

Andy: Oh gosh, she seems like she was the best Dog. It’s so sweet that she got such an important role in your wedding. A lot of feels for that from me.

Have you always been a dog fan then, or have you been tempted to be owned by cats?

Alex: Yeah, dogs have always been a big part of my family growing up. My sister and Dad were heavily involved with the local dog agility club.

I remember at a really young age, we had a Golden Retriever named Brewster that if you called “heel” from anywhere in the yard, he would come running to your side. I thought that was the coolest thing. Hopefully Frankie will pick up that trick soon, fingers crossed haha.

Andy: I can only dream of that sort of obedience with my cats. All I’d get in that situation is a foul stare from the sulking castle.

I hear training a puppy is real hard work. How has it been with Frankie?

Alex: We’ve had our ups and downs haha. She picked up a few tricks really quick. She has the hand shake, lay down, and roll over on lock but she still has a few accidents around the house here and there. For the most part it is going pretty well knowing that dachshunds have been known to be pretty stubborn when it comes to training.

A tiny puppy in a person’s hands
A tiny hand pupper

Andy: Sounds like she’s learning well 🙂

Speaking of learning: how about you tell us what you do on the web and how you got into it?

Alex: We’re getting there! 😅

I am a self taught front-end developer from Grand Rapids, MI. Like a lot of other developers I have met, I got into web development because of a personal need for a website. At that time I had started a small video production company with a buddy of mine and we needed a website to showcase our work. I didn’t have much knowledge of where to start, so I relied heavily on Tumblr themes that I tweaked to fit our needs.

Over the past year of my career I have focused on learning and improving the performance and accessibility in my work. Thinking a lot about the impact my work has outside the walls of the office.

A tired puppy gives their back legs a rest
Tired pupper give’s her legs a rest

Andy: That’s a good thing to focus on for sure. I’m a big fan of folks that look outside of the hotness to make things that are genuinely helpful.

You’re also venturing into teaching some stuff. Fancy telling us about that?

Alex: Yes, I’ve been trying to do a bit of technical writing on my blog and producing web development screencasts in my free time since the beginning of the year. It feels good to try and give back to the community that has helped me get to where I am today.

A few screencasts on Craft CMS have been quite popular, so I recently decided to create a video course on building a Craft CMS site from installation to launch. I am currently designing what I will be building in the course in the open using Figma. You can see the current up to date design here. I am hoping to officially launch the course in late fall–early winter.

Andy: That sounds really exciting. It’s great to see that you’re designing it out in the open too. I’m a big fan of transparency!

Well, I think we can wrap this one up, Alex. Thanks so much for talking to us about Frankie and yourself.

How can people find you on the web and support what you do?

Alex: Thanks a lot Andy! Folks can find my at https://alexcarpenter.me or @hybrid_alex on Twitter. If interested in Craft CMS, you can view my video course at https://alexcarpenter.me/courses/craft-cms.